Thursday, 30 June 2011

Elf Studio Conditioning Lip Balm In Nice & Natural SPF 15

Ok so Elf had an amazing offer on this week (50% off everything) I know how Fab!!!!! So I just had to get one of these as i heard a lot of postive comments.

1st impressions- Large tube with half of that being product :(, ok so the only negative.

The colour is amazing, If u like nude colours go for this u wont be disappointed.

The smell is sweet, it also tastes quite nice if u happen to lick ur lips by accident :P... DO NOT EAT! lol
 You get 7.5g for £3.50 on the site which is very good.

Now does it actually work as a lip balm- My honest opinion, Yes it does! Its not as good as my Savex but i dont mind as i would use this for going out as there is colour to it and its also fab as it has spf 15 to protect those babies from the unforgiving sun! B)

Would I buy again- Yes I would, but I couldnt see that being any time soon though as theres loads to get through. :O) Yehhhh Successful product= Happy Blogger!

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  1. Hi Traci,
    I'm new to this too! I certainly share your elf love :) I bought that conditioning lip balm this week too.
    I think its called politely pink or perfect pink. I've not got it with me and one of those names actually belongs to a Mac lipstick haha
    Please feel free to follow me too as your name on my list of lovlies.
    take care,
    Amy x